Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge 5.0.2 OE2 Update Fixes Auto Rotate!

I have complained more than once about the broken accelerometer on my Galaxy S6 Edge for quite some time. When it was first reported I chalked it up as an isolated thing. It was quickly apparent that this was no isolated incident. Many angry Samsung fanboys unleashed their furry via posts all over the web. Some of you took your phones back to your carrier looking exchange it for a working device only to find your new device faced the same fate. Several folks reported going through six or more devices with all of them ending up with fried accelerometers.

After a few days of angry customers reporting the issue Samsung officially acknowledged the issue, but didn’t really give an ETA on when it would be fixed. Several weeks later folks began reporting that upon taking their phones into the carrier for replacement they were being told not have replace the device as Samsung would be releasing an update to fix the problem. Finally Samsung is sending out the OTA updating devices with many bug fixes including the auto rotate fix.

The update does indeed fix auto rotate, however it does this by telling the phone to use sensors other than the accelerometer. This means your accelerometer is still fried. If you have a problem with having a broken component in your $700 phone you may want to make good on your warranty and ship your phone back to Samsung instead of taking the update. If you aren’t willing to wait two weeks for a new phone go ahead and take the update.

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