LEAK! Moto X 2015 To Include A FingerPrint Scanner!

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The Moto X 2015 release is just around the corner. While I ultimately decided against purchasing the Moto X last year in favor of the Nexus 6 I know that this was one of the top flagships of the last quarter of last year. Many websites named it the best phone of the year, and I have never heard anyone complain about the Nexus 6’s younger cousin. With the release around the corner speculation and rumors are running pretty rampant. So far the consensus is that the phone will be sporting a QHD display which would put it on par with other flagship devices.

Today another juicy gem leaked to the web. There are a couple of photos of the Moto X 2015 floating around which show a square cutout on the backside of the device where the Moto logo normally resides. The only obvious thing that would go here would be a fingerprint scanner. I love the idea of a fingerprint scanner on the next iteration of the Moto X! I have come to love the fingerprint scanner on my Galaxy S6 Edge. In fact I have never used lockscreens on Android at all because it just feels so inefficient. Its just one more step to go through before I can access my home screen. The fingerprint scanner on the S6E doesn’t feel this way at all.

I pretty much just tap the home button and then rest my finger over it to wake up and unlock the device. This is an added layer of security that I wouldn’t use at all if it weren’t for the fingerprint scanner. With all of that being said I am pretty much used to having a physical home button on Galaxy devices so the home button with built in scanner doesn’t really bother me on the Galaxy S6 Edge. The Moto X was actually supposed to have a fingerprint scanner last year, but it instead ended up with a dimple. Now that Android has support built in for fingerprint scanners it may be easier to go ahead and integrate it. That dimple is the perfect spot for a fingerprint scanner! Are you guys as excited for this as I am?

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