Blackberry supposedly developing Android slider phone


Blackberry has become almost irrelevant in the high-end smartphone game, but they’re still a pretty huge deal in corporate America and device security. Until very recently, the President of the United States used only a Blackberry as his primary phone. Despite many noble attempts, Blackberry has failed to gain traction in the consumer phone category. One of the main issues, if not the primary issue, is that Blackberry’s app store is severely limited when compared to the Play Store or iOS App Store. In addition to the limited number of apps, Blackberry also insisted on outfitting their phones with a physical keyboard the majority of the time. While hardcore business users demand a full QWERTY keyboard, the everyday consumer has no interest at all.

According to a new report from Reuters, Blackberry thinks that a move to Android can turn their phone hardware business around. In actuality, I think they know that won’t happen, but they’re hoping that they can integrate their device management and security protocols into the Android OS. While many Android fans might frown at this thought, it would go a long way in helping Google secure the trust of enterprise customers, something they have long sought to do.

The most unfortunate part of the Reuters report is that Blackberry wants to make their Android phone a slider phone…which you know…doesn’t exist anymore. Sliders aren’t really a thing, did you not get that memo, Blackberry?

A slider phone is a weird contraption with a sliding keyboard “hidden.” The keyboard isn’t really hidden of course, because it makes the phone about a full inch thicker. While I might be interested to see what Blackberry could do with a secure, skinned version of Android, I’m 100% certain a slider Android phone will fail commercially. So, what does everyone think? Is this report a joke? Would Blackberry do the unthinkable and release an Android phone? Let me know in the comments or hit me on Twitter (@jspring86az) with your thoughts!

Source: Reuters

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