Moto X 2015 Press Render Leaks Showing The Front Of The Device!



We have been seeing photos of the back of the next gen Moto X for weeks now, but have yet to see the front of the device until today. Earlier today the Upleaks twitter account leaked a press render of the Motorola Moto X 2015. The image is pretty low quality and is actually quite blurry. Even though we don’t have an HD image we can still see a few things here. The screen shows off the “Active Notification” feature running. On the back of the device you can see that the camera and moto dimple are connected by a strip of metal.

One thing we do not see here is any fingerprint scanner on the front of the back. This is a pretty big bummer. Earlier last week there was a bit of speculation that there may be a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device where the dimple goes because some images leaked of a box on the inside of the phone which was thought to house a fingerprint scanner. These press renders pretty much debunk that idea.

It looks like we will see the kevlar back from the Droid Turbo series on the Moto X. There should also be options for wood, leather, and plastic backs. Other specs may include a 5.7 inch quad HD display, a Snapdragon processor, 3GB of Ram, stereo speakers front facing, and a USB-C port! This phone should be releasing later in the summer or early in the fall.

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