Galaxy S7 and LG G5 To Include Optical Iris Scanners!


The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both include a feature that I can no longer live without in the fingerprint scanner. Neither the M9 nor the G4 have this feature which is kind of annoying. I have never been a lock screen type of guy. The reason being that it takes one more step to get to your home screen. With a lock screen you normally need to enter a pin or swype a pattern in order to get to your homescreen. The extra 2 seconds it takes to input this information is to much of a hassle for me.

The fingerprint scanner on the S6 however is perfect. I can just tap the home button to wake up the device and instead of pulling my finger away its pretty easy just to let my finger sit over the top of the fingerprint scanner unlocking my device. This kind of authentication is really the type of convenience I expect from my smartphone. Without the fingerprint scanner my device is basically wide open to anyone who would want to pick up my phone and use it.

The next jump in authentication technology would be an eye scanner. This would have to be much different from the half baked facial recognition of the Galaxy Nexus. If you remember back in the day facial recognition was all the rage until it was discovered that you could unlock a persons device by placing a picture of that person in front of their phone’s camera. This was pretty much useless.

There is speculation that the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 may indeed include optical iris scanners. If they can make it happen, and if it works correctly and isn’t tricked by a simple picture this could place these manufactures ahead of Apple who may still be using a fingerprint scanner. There are already a few devices that feature iris scanners on the market. The Vivo X5 Pro and the Fujitsu Arrow NX F-04G each use iris scanners for unlocking and password activations.

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