VIDEO- Cherry Ultra Portable Card Size Battery Bank 1550mah

In this video we review the Cherry Ultra Portable Power Card. I have always been a pretty big fan of the idea of having a battery pack, but many battery packs are too large and cumbersome to really be practical. I can see using a brick sized battery to charge up devices when on a business trip or for special occasions where you may not be near a power outlet like in a theme park. Carrying one of these large battery banks on a daily basis is just not feasible for most users.

This is where the Cherry Ultra Portable Power Card really comes in handy. The battery packs 1550mah. This is about two thirds the size of a normal phone battery. It literally fits inside your wallet. In fact carrying it around in my wallet I forgot at times that I had it. If you are reaching the end of a work day and find yourself running low on juice just slide the card out of your wallet and plug it into your phone. The charger will not completely charge your phone, but will provide you with more than enough juice to get through the rest of the day.

It is small enough that it isn’t uncomfortable to hold it behind the phone while using your phone. You can hold both the battery and the phone in your hand pretty comfortably. The battery takes about an hour to charge. Keep in mind this is not a “quick charger” so it will charge your device at normal speed. In my opinion this is a must have battery for anyone constantly on the go. Grab yours at the link below.

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