LG Issues Useless App Update for G4 Touchscreen Problems


Many users have recently complained about issues with missed taps and input lag on the touchscreen of the LG G4. I have personally experienced both of these issues, and it is one of the reasons I have put off finalizing my full review of the G4. I keep hoping that LG will soon release a software update to fix some of these issues. The issues are not just limited to the LG stock launcher, but also appear when using Nova, Apex, and Google Now launcher as well. Lag is also apparent when multi-tasking with the G4.

Earlier today LG USA’s head of marketing Buzz Jensen suggested on Twitter that LG had issued a software update that would fix some of the aforementioned problems. Everyone was pretty excited when we thought this was an OTA to solve all our problems. Unfortunately, the update is nothing more than a app update to the LG stock keyboard. The unregistered tap problem is not limited to just the LG Keyboard, hence this update does relatively no good for most users. In addition, the keyboard update does not solve the issues with lag while switching between productivity apps.

If you are experiencing these problems, it seems that enabling “Force GPU Rendering” in Developer Options will improve matters a bit. I have also disabled the multi-window function, this seems to improve lag issues quite a bit. Removing features from your flagship phone is not really a viable option, but it is a work-around for now if you value a smooth experience. Hopefully LG will issue a real update soon, we’ll keep you updated.

via: XDA

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  1. Spydie says:

    It’s now Oct 11 and still no fix for the lag and non-responsive screen issues. Have you heard any recent news? I quit using mine and bought a new Moto X PE 2015 and am loving its smoothness (same processor as G4) but I miss the back buttons and other features of my G4 and would like to return to it when it’s fixed. I have a verizon model so was never able to see the keyboard fix anyway.