Samsung May Be Ditching The Curved Edge For The Note 5



The Galaxy S6 Edge has to be one of my favorite phones of all time. Yes the camera is awesome, i love the fingerprint scanner, and the premium design is great, but the thing that i love most about the device is the dual curved edges. It’s not like I really get any use out of those edges since the few features don’t really appeal to me other than the edge lighting up with incoming calls when facing down. I love the edges because it is a totally unique and new form factor. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Phones tend to be monotonous with the micro updates going from one generation to the next, think M8 to M9. The edge seemed more like a leap when coming from the S5.

In a perfect world the Note 5 would just come stock with dual edges, but as it would appear we do not live in a utopia. There are murmurings that their may be no curved edge version of the Note 5. Not even a single curved edge. This is a pretty big bummer. However don’t be too disappointed. It looks like the reason the Note 5 won’t have an Edge is because Samsung is looking to release the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus! They want this to be the only phablet device with an Edge. The big difference here will be the inclusion of the S-Pen on the Note 5 and the lack of an S-Pen on the GS6 Edge Plus (where would they put it).

For now this is all speculation. We should hear something about these devices from Samsung in early fall. There are even rumors that the Note 5 will release ahead of the Iphone 6S. If there end up being two different devices, a Note 5 with S-Pen and a GS6 Edge Plus without which would you be more inclined to chose?

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