Another Reason Why Android Is King! Iphone 6 Explodes Randomly!



We often pick on iOS and Iphone users around here, but today we have a great reason to do so! If you needed one more reason to stay high on Android here it is. Today a report emerged of a users Iphone 6 randomly exploding. Owner, Kishan Yadav, says that he was in the middle of a hands free phone call. Thank goodness he wasn’t actually holding the phone and came out of this unharmed. Once the phone went nuts the owner tossed it out of his car window to avoid injury.

According to Yadav in a police statement the phone began sparking during a phone call and the phone very hot. After the phone started to smoke and spark the phone was thrown out the window where it exploded on impact. Yadav says that the phone exploded in seconds and is pretty distraught at the thought that the phone could have exploded against his face.

Yadav was told to take the device directly to apple when he took it back the store where he bought the phone. Apparently Apple did take back the device. This was likely due to a faulty battery. I have had a device battery explode in an old flip phone device and I can say that the experience is pretty frightening.

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