Galaxy Note 5 Design Revealed By Early Case Photos


The next Gen Galaxy Note is just around the corner, in fact there is speculation that it may even release before the Iphone 6s. We have not seen much in the way of leaks. The expectation is that the new device will borrow its design from the Galaxy S6. We are expecting lots of Glass and metal. The Note 4 did not really borrow any design elements from the Galaxy S5, but then again the Galaxy S5 wasn’t everyone’s favorite design. The Note 4 was the beginning of Samsung’s build quality improvements.

The Galaxy Note 4 had metal edges and really felt like a premium device. Samsung took it to the next level with the Galaxy S6 and now we have a super premium feeling device. Some photos of the Note 5 have surfaced today. A case company released some early images of their cases wrapped around a Note 5. The photos reveal that the flash and pulse scanner have been moved to the right side of the camera just like on the Galaxy S6. The device’s speaker has also been moved from the back to the bottom of the device. The front of the device is very reminiscent of the Galaxy S6. I would be happy with a phablet sized Galaxy S6. I actually really enjoy the S6 design. The phone should be releasing some time later this year and could be here by August.


via nowherelse  

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