High on Android Sunday Summary-6/28/15


This week we wrote fewer stories than usual, but many of those articles were packed with some exciting news and leaks on upcoming flagship devices. Let us get right to business this week, running down all the important stories in Android:

  1. OnePlus Announces USB Type-C for OnePlus 2- OnePlus began leaking specs for their upcoming OnePlus 2 flagship last week by announcing the Snapdragon 810 and slightly higher price point. This week the company took to Twitter to announce that the OnePlus 2 will be the first Android smartphone to feature USB Type-C for charging and connectivity. This announcement definitely excites me a bit more than the boring specs leaked last week.
  2. Moto G leaks in full video- Moto X leaks have been a regular occurrence lately, but we finally got a look at the upcoming Moto G this past week. The phone has a slightly redesigned back casing, and a 13 MP rear camera, but the overall design is similar to last year. With the budget smartphone space heating up, we’ll see if Motorola can continue to lead the pack with the Moto G.
  3. Google Play Music Gets Update with Ad-supported Free Streaming- Google surprised everyone this week with a sweet update to the Play Music app. If you don’t have Play Music Unlimited the update was even better, you can now stream ad-supported radio stations, similar to the service offered by Spotify. In addition to the new free streaming option, Google rearranged a few things in the slide-out menu on the left. Once you take the update you will see also notice a few changes if you have Android Auto and use Play Music. Overall the update was really solid, now just give us that Hangouts update!
  4. Galaxy Note 5 Leaks Galore- We’re all getting pumped up for the release of the Galaxy Note 5, expected to be announced at IFA Berlin in September. This week we saw a couple of leaks emerge regarding Samsung’s upcoming phablet. First, we heard that Samsung might be ditching the edge screen on the Note 5. Last year Samsung released two versions of the Note, one with a single curved edge, and the regular variant without a curved edge. In April Samsung released the Galaxy S6 Edge with two curved edges. It seems strange that Samsung would ditch this design decision, especially considering it has been so popular with the Galaxy S6. We also saw the supposed Note 5 design leak due to some case renders. It appears from these leaks that the Note 5 design will be similar to the Galaxy S6 in many ways. Perhaps Samsung will release two phablets this year, one with curved edges and no S-Pen, and the Note 5.
  5. Project Fi Status Available Online- Google will now let you piss yourself off by confirming that you won’t get a Fi invite for a very long time.
  6. iPhone explodes, ANDROID FOR LIFE- Shane brought us a story about an iPhone exploding. While it’s never funny to see someone’s life in danger, this does lend more evidence to the fact that our favorite OS is #1!
  7. OnePlus 2 Official Launch Event on July 27- OnePlus confirmed we have another full month of hype before they announce the OnePlus 2. The event will be streamed live in virtual reality. Look forward to more hyped specs coming out in the next few week, then get ready to do your dirtiest deeds to win an invite!
  8. Verizon Moto X (2014) Finally Getting Android 5.1- Moto X (2014) users on Verizon have been waiting for Android 5.1 for some time now. On Friday Verizon and Motorola announced that a soak test is under way for a 500 MB update that contains 5.1. There have been some reports that VoLTE is still not enabled with this update, very disappointing for many users.

I was saddened this week by finding out my Project Fi invite still doesn’t have a definitive timeline in Google’s mind. The OnePlus 2 is slowly garnering more of my attention and interest. I absolutely cannot wait for the Galaxy Note 5 launch, I’ve even gotten my fiancee excited about this phone, and she could care less about technology in general. Look for more OnePlus 2 and Moto X spec leaks this week, let’s all stay High on Android out there! Follow me on Google+ and Twitter (@jspring86az) so we can talk Android all week!

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Jeff Springer

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