Benchmark Leaks, Outing The Upcoming Droid “Kinzie”


If you were hoping for another DROID maybe your wish will come true! I can still remember the first time that I held my Droid. I wasn’t fortunate enough to own the OG droid. At that point in my life I still wasn’t comfortable with a true smartphone. I was pretty content with my Motorola RAZR since it had a built in mp3 player. All of that changed when the Droid X came out I just knew that I had to have it! Part of what got me hooked was the Droid marketing. The “Droid” moniker has lost its flare over the past few years and most consumers couldn’t tell you the difference between a Droid and a standard Android phone.

If you are longing for a new Droid it may be just around the corner. Some benchmarks appeared on the net today that belonged to a “Verizon Droid Kenzie”. The phone includes a 5.5″ 1440×2560 display. The new Motorola device will also be sporting an octacore processor clocked at 1.9Ghz. Other specs listed in the benchmark include an Adreno 430 GPU, 32 GB of internal storage, and includes Android 5.1.1. We may also see a 20mp rear shooter and a 5mp front facing camera.

The Droid Clark is another rumored device. This device is said to feature a 5.2″ display. Verizon has the exclusive on Droid branded devices and Motorola is the only OEM producing Droid devices now. We could see these devices release within the next few months. Kenzi and Clark are codenames so the official names will of course be a bit more catchy.

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