New version of Google Glass stops by FCC?


An unknown Google hardware product stopped by the FCC today, and the model name is causing quite a stir. The official filing lists the device as FCC ID A4R-GG1. The “GG1” portion is what has everyone bent out of shape. Does GG=Google Glass? The device is not labelled as either a wearable or smartphone in the FCC filing, a bit conspicuous indeed. This device is labeled as labeled as “BLUETOOTH & DTS/UNII a/b/g/n/ac”, a pretty random and excessively long name. The device apparently supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi in 2.4GHz and 5GHz, in addition to Bluetooth LE and a non-removable and rechargeable battery.  Many have speculated that this may be the new Chromecast, but the device also includes an AC power charger, not likely for a Chromecast device.


All of the specs above seem to point toward a new Google Glass version than the next Chromecast. The most interesting tidbit in the filing is that the FCC label is not a physical label at all, but embedded in the device. The label can apparently be accessed digitally inside the device, through swipe gestures. This almost certainly rules the Chromecast option, and since there is no wearable or smartphone label, gives more weight to the Google Glass theory. It appears Google has done a great job of not allowing the FCC filing to reveal anything about this device. If we do indeed see a new version of Google Glass, I’m down to cop one if priced reasonably this time.

What do you all think? Are we going to see a new version of Google Glass later this year? Or will we see something entirely different? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: FCC via Droid Life

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  1. anony .anony says:

    “stopped by the FCC today”
    — this was confusing at first (I though the FCC was stopping it)
    probably should have been written as:
    “filed with the FCC today”