HOA Sunday Summary: Who ain’t got no leaks?


This week was packed full of leaks; OnePlus 2, Huawei Honor 7, Xiaomi Mi5, Moto G, Droid Kinzie, and the Blackberry Android device called ‘Venice’. We were busy covering leaks all week, and some of them were pretty surprising. We also saw some information about a new Google mystery device that many (myself included) believe could be the new consumer version of Google Glass. No time to waste this week, I’m still tired from my late 4th of July evening (or hungover, maybe both!), let us jump right in:

  1.  Moto G (2015) Renders Leaked- We already knew a lot about the 2015 version of Motorola’s budget phone, but this week we were treated to some rather official-looking leaks. The back of the phone has been redesigned to look a bit more sleek. The phone looks good, but some of the specs make have me concerned that the Moto G will remain at the top of the budget smartphone space. With options like the ASUS Zenfone 2, Alcatel Idol 3, and Huawei P8 Lite out there, Motorola will need to do more to keep up, or drop the price even more on the Moto G.
  2. ASUS ZENFONE 2 GIVEAWAY PRIZE PACK- Shane and I are giving away an ASUS Zenfone 2 prize pack on our Youtube channels. You just need to subscribe (which if you’re reading this you probably already did) to both channels and comment on our giveaway videos to enter. The contest runs through July 13 when we will randomly select a winner on Periscope. Follow me on Twitter (@jspring86az) for more giveaway updates!
  3. Surprise Droid “Kinzie” shows up in Benchmarks– We’re all well aware that Motorola releases a set of Verizon exclusive Droid branded devices each year. Thus far we hadn’t heard much about the 2015 collection, but that changed earlier this week. This appears to be a flagship level device with a QHD screen and possible 20 MP front shooter. Much like Shane, the Droid X was one of my favorite early Android devices. I would love to see Motorola bring the Droid brand back to prominence, but thats a tall task with a carrier-specific line.
  4. Verizon LG G4 got an OTA update- The Verizon variant of the G4 got a minor OTA with some advanced calling features. Go grab it if you have this phone!
  5. The Huawei Honor 7 is on Preorder- Chinese phone manufacturers are coming alive in a big way this year. The Honor 7 is part of an emerging class of “budget flagship” Android smartphones. The Honor 7 comes in three variants to suit almost any budget. Definitely check out this phone if you are interested in trying the Chinese smartphone landscape. Bring on the Huawei Nexus later this year!
  6. Three variants of OnePlus 2 show up at Bluetooth SIG- We know the OnePlus 2 is coming July 27th, and OnePlus is doing their best to make sure we don’t forget it. This week we finally got some leaks not revealed by OnePlus themselves. While passing through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, it was discovered that there are three variants of the OnePlus 2. What do the various model numbers represent? Probably storage options, but we will find out in three weeks!
  7. Xiaomi Mi5 has monster specs- As I said earlier, Chinese companies are bringing it in 2015! Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi5 is slated to feature the Snapdragon 820, QHD screen, fingerprint scanner, and will most likely undercut Samsung in pricing. Unfortunately it is still difficult to get these devices cheap in the US, the eBay resellers still mark up the price too much to make them affordable. Hopefully Xiaomi will expand phone sales to the US soon.
  8. New Google Glass possibly on the way- New mystery hardware from Google stopped by the FCC this week. No one knows exactly what it is, but it isn’t labelled as a wearable or smartphone. The device also sports some internal hardware that is very similar to the previous iteration of Glass. Obviously this is far from confirmed, but I think we will see a consumer version of Glass in the next 12 months, maybe much sooner!
  9. Blackberry Venice leaks galore- Famed leaked @evleaks brought us a ton of information regarding the upcoming Android-powered Blackberry device. We first learned that the slider phone will be featured exclusively on the AT&T network (read: the same network as the Fire Phone). When pressed for further details about the appearance of the Venice device, Evan released some nice looking renders of the device. I will admit the renders look nice, but doesn’t every device look nice in renders? I’ll reserve judgement on this Blackberry experiment until we get an official announcement.
  10. Huawei Zero Circle Smartwatch- We need better battery life in the smartwatch space, no one would argue with that. Huawei’s upcoming Zero Circle watch supposedly gets 4 days of usage on a single charge, that would certainly shake things up! If this device runs Android Wear, I’m definitely on board to cop!
  11. HTC One M9 Developer Edition getting Android 5.1- If you have the developer edition of the M9, you should be getting a 5.1 OTA soon. I received the notification a few days ago on my device. Make sure if you are rooted with a custom recovery that you unroot and flash stock recovery before downloading and installing the OTA!

I’m definitely getting pumped about all the exciting new devices from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi. I’m even getting a bit more excited about the OnePlus 2 announcement.  I ordered my free OnePlus cardboard unit so I can watch the announcement live in VR. The cardboard works with most Android devices up to 6″ so you don’t need the OnePlus One to watch. I still need to unroot and flash stock recovery to get that 5.1 update on my M9, I hate the constant update notification hanging around! If the new Google Glass is priced reasonably, I’ll probably jump on board, even if it means new frames for my glasses.

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