WSJ says Galaxy Note 5 will launch in August


The Wall Street Journal has an issued an early-morning article claiming that Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 5 in mid-August this year. The primary reasoning behind the claim is that Samsung wants to get the Note 5 out before the Apple iPhone 6S hype begins in September. According to the WSJ‘s source, Samsung wants “some breathing” room, ahead of Apple’s big launch. This is not the first time we’ve heard that Samsung might issue an early release for the Note 5. I have to admit that this timeline does seem plausible, especially considering the numerous leaks regarding the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus recently.

If the rumors of a mid-August launch are true, this would be the first time in history that the Note series is not unveiled at IFA Berlin. The annual trade-show, held in September, has been Samsung’s go-to spot for announcing their phablet device each year. One would assume that if the Note 5 launch is accelerated, we will also see the rumored Galaxy S6 Edge Plus debut at the same time.

I’m not entirely sold on this accelerated timeline, primarily because Note 5 is not a device that directly competes with the iPhone user base. Perhaps Samsung believes that the iPhone 6+ cut into Note 4 sales and they can get out in front by releasing two phablets this year before the iPhone 6S is announced. If the Note 5 is indeed just one month away, we can expect several more leaks in the coming weeks. Does everyone believe the WSJ‘s claimed timeline? Will the Note series continue the IFA tradition? In either case, stay tuned to HOA for more Note 5 breaking news!

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