KumbaCam Android Video Stabilizer 3 Axis Gimbal

Over the years Android smartphones have made leaps and bounds in the camera department. The video cameras on most of our phones are now capable of shooting in 4k! This quality is so good that many Youtubers (ie Danny Winget) shoot some of their videos exclusively with smart phones. While saturation and color have improved, and we even have plenty of options like iso, and white balance there are still some issues with using your smartphones camera as a video recording device.

Probably the single most annoying issue is stabilization. You can turn on Optical Image Stabilization on devices like the Galaxy S6 and the LG G4. Some devices like the Galaxy S6 leave artifacts which make your videos look wobbly and wavy near the corners, while devices like the LG G4 have an optical image stabilization that is to aggressive and ends up making your footage unusable. You could turn the stabilization off and just try to hold your camera steady, but even the slightest move makes your video look bad.

KumbaCam has just released their 3 axis gimbal for cell phones. This is the same technology used in their drone gimbals but large enough to hold your cell phone and mounted on a solid heavy metal stick. There are 3 modes to get different effects. In my experience stabilization was much improved over the phone’s included OIS. I was able to achieve some really nice cinematic shots with my phone and this stabilizer. The KumbaCam actually works really well.

The only problem I had with it is battery life. It seems to be calibrated for a much smaller device than the average Android phone. I was able to get about 20 minutes of really good use out of this with a Galaxy S6 Edge. After about 20 minutes the phone would sag and I could get about another hour of subpar annoying use out of the Gimbal. The saving grace here is that it uses 18350 Lipo batteries so you could buy several and keep some spares on hand giving you as much time as you needed. I also found that using a smaller device like a Moto G yields better battery times. Overall I was pretty impressed with this little device and will be using it in many videos to come!

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