Motorola’s Next Droid Back Cover Image Leaked, Lots Of Metal


After the success of the Moto X and Nexus 6 last year I can’t wait to see what Motorola has up their sleeve this year for their next set of flagship devices. The next gen Moto X has been pretty heavily leaked, but their is another device leaking out in bits in pieces that may be even more exciting. The Droid Kinzie may be the next Moto droid phone for Verizon. This is expected to pack an oversized battery and have killer specs just like any other flagship phone.

Today a few images leaked out. The image is from HelloMotoUK who says that the image is of the Droid Kinzie’s back cover. From the image you can see a vertical metal housing which contains the camera flash and moto dimple. We were really hoping for a fingerprint scanner in that dimple but it would appear that the dimple is for comfort and aesthetics only. The overall design is very similar to last years Moto X with the inclusion of the kevlar like skin from the Droid Turbo. In the image you can also see a metal edge surrounding the device which should give this device an ultra premium feel. You can see that the branding at the bottom of the phone has been blacked out. This should be where the red “Droid” logo goes.

The design of this phone is really starting to excite me. We can only hope it will have internals to match and not be just another ho hum device. The main selling point here will more than likely be the killer battery life, but hopefully Motorola will get back to making the Droid series the star of the show.

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