Samsung Patents Edge Capacitive Buttons For Future Galaxy Devices


There is a new Samsung patent that gives us an inside look at one very innovative feature that may soon be coming to Galaxy devices. The new feature puts “sensor pads” on the sides of your device. This is different from the Edge display which adds buttons and functions to the curved edge of your display. This is more like capacitive buttons on the edge of your smartphone!

The patent shows a use case where these buttons are used for gaming. This could be pretty awesome. These buttons would serve as right and left buttons just like what we have on our console controllers. This would make pressing the gas in racing games or firing weapons in war games easier and would keep your fingers off the screen meaning you would be able to see more of the game. This would make for a much more immersive experience. The patent discusses giving the user the ability to customize these buttons. It would be neat if they could be used for volume and power buttons. This would take away the need for physical buttons.

This could mean that bezel less devices may not be coming from Samsung, but this feature may be worth it. This would be much better than say slapping on a shutter button, or litterally adding an L and R button to the device.



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