Next Generation Moto X CloseUp Leaked


Earlier today Motorola sent out invites to an announcement for July 28th. We are anticipating the release of the 3rd generation Moto X! There have been plenty of leaks for this phone. Mostly we have just seen the back cover. None of these photos have been super high quality and we have not really been able to see the sides of the phone at all. Today a new photo leaked out. This time the image is a closeup and gives us a much better view of the device.

Of course this image matches all the other image leaks we have seen this week with the metal plate surrounding the camera, flash, and Moto dimple. We can also see what looks to be a kevlar or ballistic nylon back like what we have seen on the Droid Turbo. Then again this closeup looks more like rubber? We see what looks like metal edges, this could be shiny plastic. And we see the power button and volume rocker are on the right side of the phone placed similarly to the Nexus 6.

Overall this looks like a pretty well designed device. With the announcement just a few days away I can’t wait to see what kind of internal specs are coming along with this device. I have a feeling we will see specs in line with current flagships like the Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Maybe we will finally get a Motorola device with a killer camera, and hopefully this phone’s battery life could match that of the Droid Turbo Maxx.  A device like that really could be a game changer.

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