ViperOneM9 Rom Updated To Version 3.1.0 Most Customizable Sense 7 Rom



I love HTC devices. This could be partially due to the fact that my first “smartphone” was an HTC device. I remember telling myself when I first got the phone, “I love this phone so much that I will always only buy HTC devices!” That was of course before the Droid X! One of the reasons I decided to go with the Droid X was the ability to customize it. It never received an unlocked bootloader, but we did have what was called 2nd init which basically circumvented the bootloader allowing us to install any rom we wanted. This is when I became a huge fan of theming and customization.

In looking for a Rom for the HTC One M7 I found Team Venom and their Viper Rom series. I have been using these roms on my HTC devices ever since. They take Sense, enhance performance/ battery life, and add hundreds of customization options. This has to be one of the most customizable roms ever. This is probably why the Rom is the most popular on XDA for the HTC One M9.

The latest ViperOneM9 build adds CPU Core Control to give you the ability to disable cores 1-7. The rom actually runs incredibly smoothly on 2 cores. This means you should be able to achieve some pretty ridiculous battery life. Lots of fixes are also included in the update. If you have not had the privilege to use this awesome rom you will want to give it a shot. Some of my favorite customization features include Venom Tweaks, Venom HUB (all kinds of themeing options), Venom Pie, Venom CPU manager and the list goes on and on. Grab this rom from the link below.

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