Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ stop by FCC!


The next wave of Samsung phones is so close we can almost taste them from here. Even though phones probably shouldn’t be tasted, but I digress. Earlier this week we heard from SamMobile that the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ would be unveiled on August 12 at a press event in New York. Yesterday a phone with model number SM-N920 stopped by the FCC. The model number here is a dead giveaway that we’re looking at the Note 5; the Note 4 sported a SM-N910 model, and the Note 3 SM-N900. Almost every major US carrier variants are present as well-T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T-the only missing carrier is Sprint for now.


If the Note 5 model number wasn’t enough proof, another Samsung phone with model SM-G928 also mad a pitstop at the FCC yesterday. The Galaxy S6 sported a model number of SM-G925. It appears that the G928 would be a pretty clear indication of the rumored S6 Edge+ coming on August 12 as well! The model numbers for carrier versions of the S6 Edge+ are SM-G928T (T-Mobile), SM-G928V (Verizon), SM-G928A (AT&T), and SM-G928R (US Cellular). If you believe I’m a dirty liar and need more proof, check out the label placement and device silhouettes in the images. These are definitely coming soon, bring it on Samsung, our bodies are ready!

Source: FCC and FCC Again via G for Games

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