Here Is What The Galaxy S6 Edge + Will Look Like


We know that Samsung will be releasing the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge + in the coming weeks. I really wish that Samsung would just release the Galaxy S6 Edge + as the standard phablet. I understand why they aren’t. The standout feature of the Note lineup has always been the SPen. The SPen will not be a feature of the Galaxy S6 Edge + thank to the curved edges which don’t allow space for an SPen. The Edges are great aesthetically but that is about all they are good for. There are a few features with the edge display which i quickly found I just don’t use. For me the Edge display is all about the wow factor. It is for this reason I will more than likely be purchasing the Note 5 and will be skipping the Galaxy S6 Edge +.

Whether or not you think the Edge display is for you it’s always fun to take a look at leaks and specs of upcoming devices. Today an image of the Galaxy S6 Edge + dummy unit has leaked. This is probably our best look at the device. In the image we can see the size of the device as it is sitting next to a Note 4 for reference. The phone is slightly smaller than the Note 4. The screen will be a 5.7″ QHD display. Other specs that we expect to see include a snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of ram, 16mp rear facing camera with ois, and a 3,000mah battery. The phone is nearly an exact replica of the GS6 Edge with the full glass back and metal rim. It looks pretty sick!

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