Redesigned Note 5 S-Pen Leaks


At this point we’re pretty confident that Samsung is going to unveil the new Note 5 and S6 Edge+ on August 12. Of course that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still hungry for more exciting leaks leading up to the big event. Earlier today some leaked images of the redesigned S-Pen surfaced on Chinese website Weibo. Many have wondered how Samsung would revise the S-Pen to accommodate the thinner Galaxy S6-like form factor we’ve seen in the Note 5 leaks. The new S-Pen appears to have an all-metal construction similar to the actual body of the Note 5.


One thing of particular note (no pun intended) in the above pictures is the difference in the gap between the main shaft of the stylus and the top tip. In the left picture the gap appears to be significantly larger than on the right. The common explanation is that the end of the S-Pen now has a clicking mechanism allowing it to pop free from the body of the phone. This seems logical given that many case leaks show there is no longer a recessed portion of the body to remove the S-Pen with your fingernail (like on the Note 4 and Note 3). If this is indeed the reason for Samsung’s design choice, it seems to be a pretty clever way to thin down the Note series while still including the S-Pen we all know and love. Sadly, that thinness likely means the end of removable battery and expandable storage.

The Note 5 is easily my most anticipated phone release this year. I use my Note 4 everyday, mainly due to the great productivity potential of the S-Pen. I really hope that Samsung delivers a good-looking phone that still has excellent battery life. As long as there are multiple storage options, I can probably get by without the expandable memory-even if I don’t like the idea. What does everyone think of the new S-Pen design? Are you happy about the “make everything thinner and shiny” movement? Let me know in the comments, or follow me on Twitter (@jspring86az) to talk Android all week.

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