Asus Padfone S2 Will Impress With Top Of The Line Specs!


My very first Android tablet, and probably my favorite Android tablet ever was the Asus Transformer Prime. It was the only tablet I have ever owned that had a peripheral which included a full sized keyboard and mouse. This was an Android tablet that doubled as a netbook. The great thing about it was that it was far more powerful than any netbook at the time. Netbooks lost popularity pretty quickly as they were for the most part incredibly underpowered laptops. The Asus transformer Prime on the other hand was a top of the line Android tablet which happened to also include a fully working mouse and keyboard. Asus continued innovation with their PadPhone.

This was another hybrid device this time converting your top of the line smartphone into a fully functioning tablet. It used the internals of your smartphone paired with additional battery and the screen of your tablet. Asus has decided to update the Padfone series with the new Asus Padfone S2 which should be here in March 2016.

Specs for the device will be high end, and will include the Snapdragon 820 processor, 5.5″QHD display on the phone part, 4GB of Ram, storage options of 32gb/64gb, a 20.7mp camera and 8mp camera, and a 3,060mah battery. The Padfone docks into the 10″ tablet which also includes and extra 5100mah of battery. This is pretty early so who knows whether or not this will end up just being vapor ware. Only time will tell.

via MobiPicker

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