Several pictures of Note 5 and S6 Edge+ leak


Everyone loves leaked pictures. It’s pretty much what we crave around here at HOA. This week our cravings have been satisfied by pictures of the upcoming OnePlus 2, Moto X, and now we have several leaked photos (gallery below) of the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ devices from Samsung. There really isn’t much new here, we can clearly see the device number for the S6 Edge+ of SM-G928A, which should be the AT&T variant, as revealed by the FCC filings we brought you earlier.


Other than the boot screen, we see everything we expect from these two devices. The S6 Edge+ is just a regular-sized S6 Edge blown up to phablet-sized glory. The Note 5 appears to be a 5.7″ phablet with the same form-factor as the regular S6, with the inclusion of the redesigned S-Pen. Even though the number of obvious design changes is minimal, I think there are enough positive upgrades to get Note users to trade in their 4 for a 5. Another interesting leak this morning claims that the Note 5 may indeed have expandable memory. The User Agent Profile (see image above) of the Sprint Note 5 was found by PhoneArena earlier today and clearly shows the device contains a micro SD slot. One conflicting bit of information from this report is that the UAP shows only 3GB of RAM, we have heard from all reports that the Note 5 will feature 4GB. If the news of expandable storage is true, this would make myself and many others very pleased indeed. I’m definitely ready to get the Note 5 in my hands, who else is getting psyched for this release?

Source: MobileFun and PhoneArena

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