LG Announces They Will Be Investing $1Billion In Next Generation Flexible Displays



We have gone just about as far as we can go when it comes to the development of cell phone displays. Displays are bright, they are colorful, and they are full of pixels! The next step would be to make them super thin, super flexible, and even see through! LG has been working towards advancing displays in this way for a while and were the first to launch Flexible OLED displays even before Samsung. They are looking to step up their game in this department. LG just announced that they will be investing $1Billion in a 6th Generation Flexible OLED display.

The next gen display will be used in devices like the LG G Flex. They will also be using these screens in the next gen watch urbane. They plan to use the funds to start mass production by the first half of 2017. LG will be expanding their horizons with this technology. They don’t plan to hog these cool screens for their own cell phones. They will be looking to target the auto industry and TV market. One advancement in this tech has been the semi transparent display. How cool would it be to have a piece of paper sized tablet that could be rolled up or folded up. The only drawback I can see is you would always have to have a small box like shape at one end of the screen that would house all the electronic components. So it would be a thin flexible display attached to a box.

What do you think? Is this the next big advancement in cell phone technology? Should the industry focus on something more important? I kind of wish they would put this stuff on hold while the develop a 3 day battery. Heck I think I could figure out a way to make a battery last for 3 days if someone gave me $1Billion!

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