HOA Sunday Summary: An inviting week ahead


Last week the Sunday Summary had a week off as I travelled to Pittsburgh. This week we’re back and all aboard the hype train. This past week we saw several leaks for upcoming phones from Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus. OnePlus will hold their OnePlus 2 launch event on Monday July 27 at 10 PM ET/7 Pacific. Motorola will join in the fun on Tuesday July 28 with a New York based event at 9 AM ET/6 Pacific. We expect that Motorola will definitely unveil the 3rd generation Moto G, with the slight possibility of a new Moto X and/or Moto 360 as well. Let’s dive into everything we learned in the last week of Android news!

  1. Sprint Note 5/S6 Edge+ stopped by FCC- The AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile variants of both the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ stopped by the FCC a few weeks ago, leaving the Sprint versions out in the cold. This week the Sprint Note 5 and S6 Edge+ joined in on the party, we now have seen FCC filings for all four major US carriers. The launch is definitely coming soon!
  2. ASUS looking to revamp Padfone line- Shane brought us the rumor that ASUS is looking to revamp the Padfone line with a device called the S2. Allegedly scheduled to launch in March 2016, the device will allow you to dock your smartphone into a tablet shell for a truly transformative device. ASUS has done similar things before with the Transformer series, so this should be interesting if the device makes it to retail.
  3. Rumors emerge on Galaxy Note 5 August 13 launch date- We’ve heard previously that Samsung will hold their Note 5/S6 Edge+ launch event on August 12. This week a new report surfaced from Business Korea claiming that the date will actually be August 13. In any event, the dates are pretty close together, I just want that media invite sent out ASAP Samsung!
  4. OnePlus 2 stops by TENAA- OnePlus already spent several weeks teasing out specs for their upcoming OnePlus 2 flagship. We still had no idea exactly what the phone looked like. This week we got some idea as the phone passed through TENAA-China’s equivalent of the FCC regulating body. The images of the OnePlus 2 reveal a physical home button that will no-doubt house the fingerprint scanner, as well as an iPhone-like mute button on the side. We won’t have to wait long to get all the details on this phone, we’re only 36 hours from unveil as of this writing!
  5. The Moto X leaked all over the place- Many people, including myself, are hopeful that Motorola will bring the next generation Moto X with them to their July 28 event. Those of us looking forward to the new Moto X received a nice treat this week as the phone leaked out in several full-frontal images. The images show a nice big screen with slim bezels and a familiar backside with the Motorola dimple and camera housing. Later in the week the Moto X showed up sporting a classy white back with metallic champagne gold trim. It appears that the champagne gold will be a new option on Moto Maker this year. I am personally excited for the new Moto X to launch, it will be the first device in the X series I plan to purchase.
  6. Huawei Watch packaging leaks- Information about Huawei’s upcoming Android Wear device has been scarce since the announcement back in March. The device is supposedly not planned to launch until September or October, but we now have the full retail packaging. Pictures show a very high-end box containing a working Huawei Watch inside. We hope this leaks means we might see the device sooner rather than later!
  7. S6 Edge+ and Note 5 pictures leak- Even though we pretty much know what to expect from both of these phones, it’s always nice to get some actual pictures. The S6 Edge+ looks mostly like a stretched out version of the S6 Edge, and the Note 5 looks like a bigger Galaxy S6 with the redesigned S-Pen. New reports also surfaced that show the Note 5 may indeed have a micro SD slot, this would be a huge plus if Samsung thinned down the device while still allowing room for expandable storage.
  8. We know everything about the Moto G (2015)- The Moto G was not a very mysterious heading into the past week, but after all was said and done we now know everything about it. All Moto Maker options for the Moto G were revealed, we got a full specs list, and even an entire promotional video and hands on time with the phone. If all this weren’t enough, we also know that the phone will cost $179.99 off-contract due to a US Cellular SKU leak. Motorola may not have much new to reveal for us on July 28, but we’ll still bring you full coverage of their Moto G launch!
  9. Youtube for Android got a HUGE update- We love Youtube around here. The Android app for Youtube received a nice update bringing a refreshed design and new in-app editing options. You can also now watch vertical videos in full-screen. Be sure to check out some videos from my Youtube Channel when you download the app update!
  10. LG is planning to release “super premium” flagship in 2015- Apparently the G4 was just not premium enough for LG. The company is reportedly planning to release an even more premium device in 2015 due to lackluster sales performance of the G4. Since the G4 already has top-notch specs, we can only assume that “super premium” means improved materials like metal or glass. Personally I would be disappointed if LG took away removable battery and expandable storage to accomplish this super premium phone, but every company seems to be doing just that these days.
  11. Meizu MX5 packs a punch- Chinese manufacturers are bringing it lately with powerful phones and small price tags. Shane took a quick look at the specs of the Meizu MX5 which packs a big spec punch for under $400. This phone is also currently leading the poll on my website on which phone I should review next, expect a review from me on this phone in the next month or so!

This upcoming week and all of August should be full of fun for all Android fans. I’m personally looking forward to the Motorola event and the Note 5 launch, but I’ll admit that I’m also anxious to see what the OnePlus 2 will offer. Speaking of which, OnePlus opened up the invite registration list yesterday. If you haven’t already you should put your name down if you want to get an invite without jumping through hoops. I found it a bit lame to launch the list on Saturday morning when no one was paying attention, but these are the things OnePlus likes to do. I put my name on the list about 2 hours after it opened and received spot 21,126 in line! All of us here at HOA are ready to start digging into and reviewing new Android phones, keep it locked here in the coming weeks for all the best coverage!

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