The OnePlus 2 Has Five “StyleSwap” Covers Here They Are


Many of you love to mod and customize your device. This makes the OnePlus 2 a device for you. It comes preloaded with a custom version of Android designed by some former key members of the Paranoid Android team. Oxygen OS is a pretty customizable version of Android. The OnePlus 2 can also be modified externally! There are Five “StyleWraps” Covers available for the OnePlus Two.

These StyleWraps are removable and interchangeable back covers. This should have been a feature of the OnePlus One, but the feature for that device never panned out. OnePlus says it has since improved the StyleWraps system, and added that the StyleWraps are finally ready for the masses. Everyone of these backplates look awesome. The 5 wraps include “kevlar”, “black apricot”, “bamboo”, “rosewood”, and “sandstone”.

This is a welcomed additional feature. The black sandstone will be the standard wrap. The other four options will be available for purchase for $27 each.


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