Second Gen Moto 360 Passes Through FCC!



I have to agree with Max that the LG Watch Urbane is the best smart watch on the market today. That doesn’t mean that I am not ready to see what Motorola has up its sleeves for the second gen Moto 360. We were hoping to see this at the Moto event today. We had rumors that the “Moto Surround’ would be announced, but that turned out to just be an LG Tone knock off. I was sort of bummed but then today news broke that a Motorola “smart watch” has passed through FCC. This has to be the next version of the Moto 360.

The filings show that the watch will have bluetooth, and wifi. The documents state that the device was tested and it appears the release of this device may be just around the corner. I am hoping that we don’t see the same flat tire (that gosh awful black stripe at the bottom of the screen killing the roundness of the screen). Maybe they will have figured out a better place for that sensor this time around. I would love to see this release with a metal band.

via FCC

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