Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge May See A Large Price Cut.


I have said in the past that the Galaxy S6 Edge was my favorite device ever. After having owned the device for a few months I am not sure I can say that. The only issue I have had with the device has been a bit of lagginess when you let your phone go for a long time without rebooting. The fix for this is obviously a reboot which does indeed speed things back up. Other than that one little complaint, and battery life that could be better the device is otherwise pretty great.

Not all consumers have shared my sentiment with the S6 and S6 Edge. The Galaxy S5 was one of the highest selling devices for Samsung, but the S6 and S6 Edge sales have not been as great. In fact sells numbers for these devices have been pretty disappointing for Samsung. In an effort to boost sales Samsung will be reducing the prices of these devices. I have a feeling that so many people bought the S5 that it hurts the S6 sales. These  folks still have a year left until their contracts expire and they have an option to upgrade.  Without having an upgrade available people just aren’t buying the S6. ‘

Another reason for the lack of sales could be the lack of an extended battery and micro card slot. I know several people that have purchased Samsung devices exclusively thanks to removable batteries and sdcard slots. This could be in an effort to empty out the warehouses prior to releasing the Note 5 and S6E+ which will be releasing in the next few weeks. Samsung has not yet made this official so we don’t know when the prices will change and what they will change to. Keep it locked in right here for updates on this.

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