What’s Different On The Verizon Galaxy Note 5?


Today I received my Verizon Galaxy Note 5. I unboxed it and I have noticed a few big differences with this device that may bum you out when you compare your Verizon Note 5 with other Note 5’s. The first difference you will notice the moment you take the phone out of the box. There is this stupid butt ugly QR code sticker. Of course the first thing i did was remove it. It left this crazy residue on my back glass. Hopefully that comes off with some glass cleaner. Keeping with the back theme you will notice a huge ugly Verizon logo, but that is not to be unexpected.

The next big difference actually made me slightly angry. I have watched unboxing of the international variants and other US variants and each of those unboxings includes a really nice looking set of earbuds in a hard plastic case. No such thing in the Verizon Note 5 box. I was actually looking forward to grabbing up some new earbuds… oh well.

I noticed that there is tons of bloatware. Verizon preloads about 10 Veriz0n branded apps to every phone they sale so that was not a big surprise. I was however surprised when I opened up my app drawer and found 4 games that I would never consider playing. With all the extra bloat my 32GB version only has about 22GB of available memory. This is probably plenty for me, but this is bare minimum for someone like my wife who takes tons of pictures and videos.

Of course Verizon has confirmed that they will not be supporting Samsung pay which emulates an actual magnetic strip and can be used at nearly any payment kiosk. They have decided to back Google Wallet instead. It sounds to me like Google was willing to pay them and Samsung couldn’t match. The consumer loses. There are many reasons you should buy a carrier version other than Verizon.

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  1. E says:

    The sticker peels off, Samsung pay works just fine and with a case you can’take see the Verizon logo. It took me all of three minutes to uninstall their crap, which did bug me. Oh, I’ve driven I-5 from the Mexican border to Seattle. San Diego to Seattle. I lost cell reception for about five minutes and LTE for an hour, 3G for about fifteen minutes. It’s why I peeled off a sticker and spent twI was blasting Pearl Jam because of reasons and the music level dropped and I almost had a heart attack. I could hear a woman talking in the house. I ripped my headphones off and realized it was why I spent five minutes deleting bloatware.

    Though yeah… lack of ear buds was idiotic