Install Xposed Framework On The LG G4



The LG G4 has been rooted for a few weeks now thanks to a team of developers who released the “Low Effort” root method. This method is pretty simple to follow, but can be dangerous if you don’t follow it to the letter. All variants have been rooted including the Verizon variant and international variants. With root you will be able to do all sorts of awesome things with your G4 including debloating that sucker, full backups with titanium backup, and apply customizations.

The best way to customize your device is with the Xposed Framework. Once you have installed Xposed you can download one of hundreds of modules which allow you to customize your device. This allows you to customize your device as if you had a rom installed without actually having to install a rom. You should be able to do pretty much everything you want with your phone with just root and xposed!

Xposed is finally available for the LG G4. You can actually install xposed via flashfire. The process is pretty simple.

1. Place the on your G4’s internal storage

2. Open FlashFire and flash the

3. After Xposed has been flashed your phone will reboot

4. Install the Xposed Installer and you are good to go

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