HOA Weekly Wrap: Soooo many phones!


This week we’ve hardly been able to catch our breath around here. All of us here at HOA have been hard at work on video coverage of the Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, and OnePlus 2. In fact, I still haven’t had a chance to finish my ZTE Axon pro review, that’s how crazy things are right now! If you want to check out our video coverage of all the latest phone releases, I’ll drop a link to our Youtube channels at the end of this week’s wrap. In addition to all the new phones piling up on our desks, there was a fair amount of Android news this week regarding upcoming phones and software. We’re still only a few weeks away from IFA in Berlin, we expect to see plenty of new Android gadgets there, including the new Xperia Z5 from Sony. Google finally blessed us with Marshmallow as the official name for Android M. TP-Link and Google also released a smart WiFi router called OnHub. Wait, what? Yes, Google is getting into every corner of our homes now, Skynet time! Below is a quick recap of all the big stories this week. Join me after the break for some quick thoughts (rants) on this past week in Android:

It is definitely the crazy period for new Android phones and devices right now. The new Samsung devices just launched, the OnePlus 2 is available (if you have an invite) and the Moto X Pure Edition and Nexus devices are on the way. I’m definitely excited to give the Moto X Play a try if it does show up in the US as the Droid Maxx 2. I do think it is a damn shame that the device will arrive as a carrier exclusive-everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy that huge battery if they choose. Speaking of Verizon, their “additions” to the Note 5 were terrible. Nasty sticker on the back that leaves residue. No firm commitment to Samsung Pay. Tons of bloatware. Also, why does the Note 5 not come with headphones, but the S6 Edge+ does? What kind of sense does that make? Verizon needs to step their game up in the customer service department. I think T-Mobile may close the gap in service quality before Verizon catches up in customer service.

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Jeff Springer

"I am currently a researcher and Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. I fell in love with Android with the Nexus One release and realized that it was superior to iOS in all the ways I care about. I still use a Mac (and an iPhone for the camera), but my Apple tech products pale in comparison to my number of Android devices (watches, tablets, and phones). When I’m not rooting/modding one of my many Android phones or doing math/programming, you can find me taking in Phoenix Suns/Arizona Diamondbacks games in downtown Phoenix, and drinking good beer!"