High On Android Daily Deal: 128GB MicroSD card only $59.99



If you grabbed a new Galaxy Note 5 or a Galaxy S6 or Edge phone then this post means nothing at all to you unfortunately. However if you are still carrying a Note 4 or any other device that has a microsd card slot then you will be happy to know that Amazon has a crazy deal on a super high capacity microsd card! 128GB is huge. You can store about 30,ooo songs, or 200 movies, or millions of documents! This should be more than enough storage for anyone!

This microsd card is actually super fast too. Its a UHS-I/Class 10 card and can read and write at speeds of up to 48mb per second which means you could load a full length movie over to it in about 15 seconds. This microsd card also comes with an SDcard adapter so you can easily transfer files between your phone and PC. The card comes with a 10 year warranty from SanDisk so you really can’t go wrong here.

This card is a super hot deal at only $59.99. The card would normally set you back about $100. This is also eligible for free shipping through amazon prime! Their other cards are also on sale. You can get a 64GB card for $23, a 32GB card for $13, a 16GB card for $9, and an 8GB card for $6!

8GB card $6

16GB card $9

32GB card $13

64GB card $23

128GB card $$59.99

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