OnePlus 2’S Home Button Not Working When You Grip The Phone


Ever since Lew from unboxtherapy posted a video of himself bending an iphone and dubbing that “Bendgate” it seems like every phone that comes out gets the same “gate” treatment. Probably in hopes to lure in views and clicks. Today a video surfaces that shows how the OnePlus 2 becomes unresponsive when the phone is gripped.

In the video you can clearly see that if the phone is sitting flat on a desk the home button works perfectly. When the phone is picked up and held in the video the home button becomes intermittent only working some of the time. The home button is a capacative button. I wonder if possibly the screen is registering a touch on the side and ignoring the home button touch? Could this really be a widespread problem? There are many people reporting to have the same issue with their phone. The OnePlus One had some issues that were resolved with a simple update. Maybe this is one of those types of issues.

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