HOA Weekly Wrap: You’re sticking it in wrong!

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Yeah I know, that’s what she said. But seriously, this week was all about the great Galaxy Note 5 S-pen scandal of 2015. Referred to by many as Pengate or Penghazi, the S-Pen issues with the Note 5 dominated the Android news blogs and social media over the past week. What started out as a few complaints around Android forums turned into a huge blame game back and forth between Samsung and customers. On one hand, people are pretty stupid for sticking the S-pen in backwards. Even if you are in a dark alley at night, it’s pretty hard to make the mistake. I’ve spent many a night in dark alleys with my S-Pen over the past 4 years, and I’ve yet to stick it in backwards. But on the other hand, why didn’t Samsung just make a more narrow S-Pen channel so that this isn’t even an issue?

Amazingly, there was a lot of other news this week too, including tons of leaks of devices we expect at IFA. I wrote a nice IFA preview earlier today, which you should totally check out, so I’ll probably keep comments on these leaks a bit shorter than usual. Let’s jump right into everything we covered this week:

Some thoughts on this week’s big stories:

  • IFA should be a ton of fun. I’ve been looking forward to new wearables, and especially the Huawei Watch for a long time. I’m still happy with my LG Urbane and Gear S, but I think wearables is a space with a lot of room for innovation-at least compared to phones.
  • People were apparently pretty mad I wrote an article about the Apple iPhone event, even Max, but I think it’s important that we keep an eye on the competition-even if they aren’t doing much.
  • I almost got my Huawei Watch preorder in before Amazon pulled it, but I was in the middle of giving a calculus lecture, damn day job!
  • Earlier this week I received a Samsung Pay Beta invite and it is pretty sweet. Unlike Apple Pay I can use my phone at places that don’t have NFC in their terminals. So far I’ve used it on my Edge+, S6 Edge, and regular S6. Can’t use it on my Note 5 because Verizon likes to take features away from their customers.
  • I might just buy a Blackberry Venice when they launch in November.
  • I absolutely won’t buy the next HTC phone if it looks like the leaks we saw earlier this week.
  • I’m down with the camera hump on the Huawei Nexus…OG Droid X style!
  • Using the OnePlus 2 hasn’t been the best experience so far. USB C has been more annoying than exciting, and the phone just doesn’t wow me on any front. It is a good phone for $389, but I’m not sure it’s even the best in class. Be on the look out for the ZTE Axon Pro review this week on my Youtube channel.
  • Remember kids, if you can’t stick it in correctly, keep your nib in its silo!

Til next week, stay HIGH on Android!

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