More Moto 360 leaks-Press Renders+Sport Model


The Moto 360 has been leaked all over the internet in the past few weeks. Everyone is ready for Motorola to make the official announcement, but over the weekend a few new renders popped up that show a few surprises. The first set of renders come from famed leaked Evan Blass and appears to show the 2nd gen Moto 360 that we’ve already seen on the wrists of Motorola employees around Chicago. The 2 o’clock position of the power button and new fancy lugs remain the most visible changes. We can also see familiar silver and black casings that were available on the original Moto 360 with leather and steel band options available. We also have some new leaks from upleaks:

The bad news is that we still see the black bar or “flat tire” ever present in these new leaks.  It seems Motorola is giving a pretty standard upgrade for the 2nd gen Moto 360, with a black bar people hated and lugs no one really asked for. At least now your power button is in the incredibly convenient top corner position, it was quite the burden having it on the side of the watch. The most interesting tidbit from upleaks is the final picture showing off the so-called Moto 360 Sport. These watches look similar to regular 2nd gen 360, but with different color rubber bands and an apparent rubber casing around the body of the watch as well. The flat tire is still present, so you won’t be able to get rid of that by jumping on the fitness bandwagon. Hopefully Motorola will give us an official announcement this week. Maybe they will also surprise us with a disappearing flat tire, fingers crossed!

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