IFA Highlights: New Shiny Things!


To say a lot of stuff went down at IFA today would be quite the understatement. I was hoping to give a more device by device treatment for the event today, but my stupid day job got in the way. Thankfully, I did manage to get out the preorder information earlier in a timely fashion. Since most other blogs have already rolled out all the pertinent specs and availability information, I thought I’d give my personal thoughts on everything that went down. I’ve already preordered a few of the devices announced today actually. Here are my thoughts in no particular order:


  •  The Huawei Watch is as beautiful and awesome as we all thought. The pricing is very high. I still preordered one. Specifically, I preordered this one.
  • My fiancee is probably going to want that rose gold-plated version of the Huawei Watch-sorry wallet.
  • It is a damn shame there is no auto-brightness though, guess thats the price to pay for no flat tire!
  • Huawei’s Mate S looks awesome, but we probably won’t get it in the US.
  • Speaking of the Mate S, Huawei really beat Apple to the Force Touch punch, but no one will notice or care at Apple’s event next week.
  • It seems the rumor of Google announcing Nexus phones on September 29 got lost in the IFA shuffle. If true, I’m going to be broke by September’s end.


  • Sony announced a phone with a 4K display. Wow. Kinda overkill in my opinion. I can only think of the poor battery.
  • That being said, the Xperia Z5 looks pretty nice to me. Sony made subtle changes, but they were important ones.
  • If Sony will sell me a Z5 or Z5 Premium directly I’ll buy one.
  • Sony hates the US smartphone market though.
  • I don’t believe Sony’s BS about the Z5 Compact having no compromises in a smaller form factor-it lost a whole GB of RAM from the full Z5.
  • Why does the Z5 Premium not have 4 GB of RAM?
  • LOL at Sony’s claim of up to two day battery life on the Z5 Premium!


  • Yes, I preordered the Moto X Pure. I opted for the champagne color with white, I’m about that all gold everything life!
  • I also preordered a 2nd gen Moto 360. Not that I expect to love it, but I want to do a comparison to the Huawei Watch.
  • The flat tire is still annoying, but it does give us auto-brightness.
  • The ability to customize through Moto Maker is pretty awesome.
  • If Motorola’s claims of improved battery life are true the 2nd gen 360 might stay in my rotation for awhile.
  • The Moto X Pure preorder shipping times have slipped into October as of this article’s writing, good to see quality products in demand!
  • The new 46mm option makes this interesting on the 360 as well, bigger battery but more power consumption.
  • The Moto 360 Sport could be a win, I probably won’t get one, but a lot of people want stand-along GPS in a smartwatch.

Other stuff

  • ASUS finalized things with the Zenwatch. Still not much about US availability, but coming to Europe in October.
  • Lenovo announced the Phab and Phab Plus phones. These are pretty giant phones, but coming to budget markets.
  • I might be interested in a 6.8″ phone at some point, but I’d want premium specs at that size.
  • The Yoga Tab 3 and Yoga Tab Pro 3 were also announced today. I like the unique design, but I still think my Note Pro 12.2 suits best in this space.
  • But to be fair, the pricing is more reasonable, only $499 for the Yoga Tab Pro 3.
  • Acer announced the new Predator gaming tablet. Only $299, but also 2 GB of RAM. Coming to the US on November 6. Not sure if I’ll grab one yet.

That’s about everything that went through my mind and body today when reading all of the announcements out of IFA. Overall it was a damn exciting day to be an Android fan! Let me know in the comments what you preordered or enjoyed seeing today!

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