The Snapdragon 820 SMOKES Antutu Benchmark With A Crazy 83,774 Score



Snapdragon has had its ups and downs this year. The Snapdragon 810 brought on the heat gate with the release of the HTC One M9. While the chip was super fast and performed well the overheating issues forced HTC to send out an impromptu update to throttle the chip making it run slower in order to not melt the phone. The 808 has shown up in several devices as well this year. The 808 has been a great quadcore processor in the LG G4. Flagships just get better and better every year. OEMs are in a spec shoot out doing their best to edge out other OEMs with their latest and greatest specs.

Today a peculiar device labled “Green Orange X1 Pro” showed up on the Antutu benchmark rocking a Snapdragon 820. The score it achieved was phenomenal.  It scorched the antutu benchmark with a score of 83,774! That is ridiculous. My Note 5 which has an octa-core Exynos processor only gets a score of about 45,000 on antutu. The big question here is how efficient will such a powerful processor be? Will it eat through your battery insanely fast? Has Qualcomm fixed the overheating woes. These processors are getting so powerful pretty soon we will have to mount fans to our phones! I can’t wait to see this chip in a device. It seems to be game changing.

It should be noted that Antutu benchmarks have been faked in the past, but then again those faked benchmarks were generally to try to show an unreleased handset. This is concerning a chip not a device. I guess we shall soon see just what this chip is capable of.

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