Alcatel Announces Massive 17-inch Xess Tablet


There were a few recent rumors that suggest Samsung is working on a big 18-inch tablet for later this year, but this morning Alcatel beat them to the punch. The Xess tablet (“Excess”, get it!) actually appears to work quite well with a convenient stand and handle feature on the back. It is clear that Alcatel envisions this tablet as an opportunity for families to consume media together or get information in a central location. On the inside the Xess is packing a MediaTek Processor (MT8783T) and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The screen is only 1080P which means around 127 PPI in this case, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem unless you plan to hold this monstrous tablet right up against your face. On the back there are also nice 3-watt speakers that give full sound and lend well to the primary purpose of media consumption. Alcatel even stole an idea from Apple, a MagSafe-like port dubbed the MagTouchPort, which you can find on the back of the tablet.

The included stand is probably the biggest selling feature of this tablet. You can use it to get any number of angles of elevation for the tablet or choose to lay it flat if you are using it in the traditional sense. The carrying handle draws nicely back down below the bezel so you can keep it hidden when not in use. It is clear that Alcatel gave some thought to the primary use-case for this because their software offers a special family mode dashboard for the weather, notes, and media. You could technically use this as a digital bulletin board for family schedules if you wanted. Alcatel has included Android 5.1.1 on board, but by the time this thing launches later this year, Marshmallow will be state of the art in Android. The big question here is pricing, if Alcatel brings this in at the rumored $800 price point, will there be enough families that see the value? Let me know in the comments if you have a use for such a large slate!

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Jeff Springer

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