Latest Nexus 5 Leak Shows The Final Form Factor Of LG’s Nexus Device.


A few weeks back some images started making the rounds on popular tech news sites thanks to a tweet from MKBHD. Someone had leaked out some photos of a prototype Nexus 5. The Note 6 also saw some leaks which apparently showed off a device in the very early stages. It had a huge device wide camera bump on the back of the device that was reminiscent of the Droid X from back in the day. Back then a camera bump was all like “well duh there is a camera bump, they are stuffing a camera inside a cell phone for crying out loud!” Now camera have gotten so small we are all like, “What the heck is that obnoxious camera bump doing there.” Thankfully it looks like the Nexus 5 won’t have the same nasty camera bump.

There has been a new image leaked out showing the final build of the Nexus 5. This photo looks identical to the photos that we have already seen and matches up with finalized case leaks that we have also seen. There is a slight camera bump here, but nothing to crazy. Other than that this image confirms the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. This also confirms a cheaper build since it does appear that the phone is rocking a plastic back, and we can’t see the front of the device at all. Earlier leaks suggest the device will feature a 5.2″ 1080p display, a 3180mah battery, snapdragon 620 chipset, 4GB of ram, 13mp camera, 64 gb of storage, and should set you back between $300 and $400.

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