Samsung Launches Game Changing 12GB LPDDR4 Ram



Samsung has just released a ground breaking, game changing technology, that could reshape the smartphones of the future. Their all new LPDDR4 ram uses up half the space of traditional ram. This means that you can now fit 6GB of Ram where 3GB used to fit. Their new ram supports up to 12GB. If phone companies decided to stay with the current 3GB of ram this would free up space for other components including more battery. Not only does this memory free up precious internal space it also is 30% faster than traditional ram! Samsung is also touting these processors as being energy efficient. The chips are said to use only 20% less power than older chips.

The new ram could mean that devices get even thinner, but I hope OEMs will focus on all the other benefits of the chip and use the extra space that it provides for better battery power, and more memory! These chips will be great for cell phones, but Samsung intends to use these chips in several different use cases including ultra portable laptops. Mass production of these chips has just started so I am sure we will see the adoption of these chips sometime in the very near future even though there has been no official date announcement by any OEM who plans to use these.


via Samsung Tomorrow

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