Motorola Droid Turbo Leaked Images



While everyone was pumped about their new Moto X that they received in the mail today there was a bit of Moto news that may have been missed. @Upleaks posted a leaked photo showing off the”Droid Turbo 2″. The phone in the photo has plenty of Droid and Verizon branding. Whether or not this is the same device that was leaked last week which is apparently shatterproof is unknown. The back plate appears to be a rubber material with triangle plating. The front of the device shows up a few oddly placed speakers. There does also appear to be 2 cameras on the front of the device. I am not sure what they have up their sleeves with the second camera as far as what sort of software will be able to implement both cameras into the video makingp process.

If this device is a durable as upleaks led us to believe then this should be a great phone for anyone that has a hard time holding on to their phone. We also know that it has to be packing a huge battery. Battery life has always been a  big deal on Motorola Droid devices. According to upleaks this device will be a Verizon exclusive which comes as no surprise.

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