Moto X Pure Edition HOA Q&A

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I was lucky enough to get my Amazon preorder for the Moto X Pure early on Wednesday this week, so I posted up an obligatory unboxing and impressions video on my Youtube Channel. The response to the video was pretty overwhelming (thanks to everyone that watched), so I posted a few more videos last night giving a quick 4K video test and answering a bunch of questions from the comments of my unboxing video. I’m embedding all of my videos at the end of this article, if you want to watch, but I thought I’d flesh out a few more impressions in this article.

Here are my remaining thoughts on the Moto X Pure so far, in no particular order:

  • Same screen size as Note 5 and Edge+, but feels smaller and nicer to hold in hand.
  • The free bumper Motorola included is pretty nice, offers solid protection for the metal sides.
  • Champagne color on my model is very subtle, it isn’t as gold as the iPhone gold used by Apple.
  • OTG works…got a few questions about this in my unboxing video comments.
  • I was able to activate my Project Fi sim with the Moto X Pure, we’ll see how Wi-Fi+T-Mobile/Sprint auto-switching works though.
  • Battery life quite a bit better on Day 2, 3% standby drain on Wi-Fi overnight, then 97% to 76% with 77 minutes SOT.
  • Display continues to impress me…incredibly bright in the Arizona sun today.
  • Still think camera is pretty good, not S6 or G4 good, but I’m happy.
  • Overall I think this is a pretty amazing phone for $399.

If you have any other questions feel free to hit me on Twitter. I have some case options on the way so I’ll have coverage on my channel when I get them in. Stay High on Android this weekend!

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