Galaxy S7 Rumors Abound! Snapdragon 820, Mirco SD, Project Lucky


People don’t always think about this but OEMs work on devices a year or more prior to those devices being released. While the Galaxy S6 was released only months ago Samsung has been working on the S7 well before the S6 was released. An S7 test version has been spotted on a Geekbench benchmark. The benchmark shows that the device is powered by a new octacore exynos processor that could be called the Exynos M1 with a custom ARM architecture.

Another benchmark popped up showing the S7 running the Snapdragon 820. There are some rumors floating around stating that Samsung may be considering using both a new Exynos and the Snapdragon 820. Other specs in the benchmark include an adreno TM 530 gpu, 2560×1440 resolution 5.7″ screen, 16mp rear camera, 5mp front camera, 4GB of ram and 64GB on onboard memory.

With a Snapdragon on board there is a chance that we could see the verizon version rooted. This would also mean that the S7 would be supported by CyanogenMod. If the phone has both chipsets working alongside each other we may see a device that can be rooted. If the phone comes with only an Exynos we more than likely won’t see Cyanogen Mod on the device. Head to the link below for more info.



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