HTC Aero A9, Iphone Lookalike, Comes Preloaded With Android Marshmallow



HTC really tanked with the HTC One M9 which is unfortunate because I really wanted to love this phone. I actually wanted to love it more than the Galaxy S6. The metal body along with those crazy loud speakers and beautiful 1080p display should have made for an incredible experience. The sad fact is that this device was too much like the M8. It wasn’t really a worthy upgrade. To make things worse they absolutely slaughtered the camera on this phone. The camera basically took 10 steps back. It was more than infuriating to take this phone out of the box and find all of the mistakes. I pretty much stopped using it after a few days.

HTC suffered from all of the press backlash, and the phone just never took off. HTC made a huge mistake in my opinion by sending early review units to the press before sending units to quality control. It was the press that found the overheating issues, and the camera issues. Both of these issues could have been fixed in the software prior to releasing the device the masses. HTC is looking to rebound and they need a home run hitting device to emerge from the ashes.

Their answer to all of this is the upcoming HTC Aero A9. They are taking a page out of Samsung’s book and ripping off the Iphone’s design. The only problem here is that they are taking ripping off a design to a whole new level. The new device looks like an Iphone with an HTC logo slapped on the back. It makes you think you are looking at a Goophone. The Aero may actually be a decent device though according to some of the leaked specs. The device will come with a Mediatek Deca Core processor, 5.2″ QHD display, 4GB of ram, 3500mah battery, and should come preloaded with Android Marshmallow! Only time will tell if HTC can rebound with this device. No pricing or release dates are currently available at this time.

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