RUMOR: Samsung To Release Foldable Phone In January


Asus released the Padphone which was years ahead of its time a few years back. The Idea was why pay for a cpu, memory, and camera twice? Why not use your phone to power a dummy screen and battery? That was the idea behind the Padphone. For one price you got both a phone and a tablet. Samsung has possibly brought this idea of a hybrid device to fruition with their “Project Valley”. Project Valley is rumored to be a foldable display phone.

According to popsci Samsung is expected to release a foldable display device in January. The phone would feature a touchscreen plastic display that folds in half. Essentially this would mean that you could have two 5.5″ displays that folds out to make a larger tablet. You would have both devices in one! Samsung has promised that they will have fully functional foldable device in 2016. The rumor suggest that we may see this released to the public sooner rather than later.

According to reliable sources the phone is already being tested in China. The company is apparently testing two hardware configurations. The first runs a snapdragon 620, while the other runs the snapdragon 820! The device should have 3GB of ram a micro sdcard slot, and a non removable battery. Is this just tacky or do you think this could catch on?

via Popsci

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