DEAL: Nexus 6 Deep Discount! $299 On Ebay!


Google just sent out invites for new Nexus device announcements. With that date looming retailers are doing whatever it takes to unload their inventory. This sucks for would be swappa sellers, but is great for those of you looking to purchase a Nexus 6. This device was one of my favorite last year. It checked off all the boxes on my must have list except for the camera of course which leaves much to be desired.

This phone still holds its own to this day. The Nexus 6 is rocking Snapdragon 805 quadcore cpu clocked at 2.7Ghz, 3GB of ram, 5.96″ HD screen, 32GB of internal storage, and 3200mah battery. Even though this phone is a year old you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will be updated.

If you are looking to run stock AOSP Google will be updating this device for at least another year. You can expect them to roll out Marshmallow officially to this device as soon as it is released to newer devices. Once Google end of lifes this device in a few years the development community will pick up where Google left off. There are several developers still cranking out nightly builds. If you don’t have $650 laying around and won’t be able to pick up Huawei’s version of the Nexus 6 this is the perfect alternative.

For only $299.99 this is a steal.  You will need to act fast as there is a limited supply. When they run out I imagine other retailers will follow suite. Head to the link below to purchase.

Via Ebay

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