You Can Break Into Your Buddies Iphone Thanks To A Security Flay In iOS 9!


Around here we love to poke fun at the crapple cryphone. If there is ever a small security risk on Android, even if that security risk is totally the fault of the user like the ransom ware apps that have been running rampant in black market apps, you better believe these nonsensical “exploits” will be over reported by the cryphone loving media. iOS isn’t so perfect and security issues arise on these devices just as often as they do on Android. Remember that fun security flaw that allowed you to send a text to your friends iphone to randomly reboot it! Now there is a security flaw that will let you break past the lock screen on an iOS 9 device. The video above shows the method. Simply fail at the lock pin several times and then tap on the siri app. From there you will have full access to the messaging app, contacts list, and you can even view photos.

A good friend wouldn’t really look into any of those areas, but a would be thief may. By gaining access to your lost or stolen device they could send out a text from say your wifes number asking for a photo of your credit card, or start randomly calling your friends asking for other personal information. There are all kinds of ways that a thief could gain valuable personal information with this flaw. Friends don’t let friends use iOS. If you’re friend is caught up in this awful addiction you should inform them of this newly realized flaw so they don’t become the next victim of an Apple security flaw. Also let them know that a quick fix for this would be to just simply disable Siri.

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