Pebble announces Pebble Time Round-Dat Bezel!


This morning Twitter went crazy with “dat bezel tho” tweets when Pebble released the above photo of their upcoming Pebble Time Round smartwatch. The new watch can be reserved starting today for $249 with shipping sometime in November. The new Pebble Time Round has an always-on e-paper display. What makes this new watch from Pebble stand out from its predecessors, is the fact that it’s round, super thin at 7.5mm, and still lasts for days on a single charge. Pebble will offer the watch with 14mm or 2omm bands. The color choices are black, silver, and rose gold (option is exclusive to 14mm, which is kinda sexist in my humble opinion).

If you ordered a Pebble Time Steel and are interested in the new round version, Pebble will let you try both for 30 days if you order a Pebble Time Round with the same email you originally ordered the Steel with. You can then send the version you don’t want back to Pebble and they will refund your Pebble Time Round order.


Overall it’s nice to see Pebble go with a round form-factor, but the huge bezel (dat bezel!) and a mediocre screen make this a no-go for me. Here in Phoenix it is difficult enough to read AMOLED panels in the bright Arizona sun, much less the e-ink display on the Pebble Time. The watch also have 4 buttons that control the interface, a bit annoying to me after using Tizen and Android Wear offerings, or even the Apple Watch. If you are interested in the Pebble Time Round, check out the video below and hit up the source link to place your order!

Source: Pebble

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